• Payment Conditions

    Payment Conditions

    People who are younger than 21 years of age cannot use the Primedinners Payment Function. Member accounts are available starting at 21 years of age.

    When you use the Payment Function in order to pay on Primedinners, you agree that we will communicate with you electronically regarding important information about your purchases or your account.

    It is important for us to protect you financial information. Read our Privacy policy. In addition, for supplemental information and conditions regarding the sales of services and products in the web shop, see the comprehensive General Terms and Conditions for Web shop


    1. Financing and expenditures. When you buy or sell something and/or finalise an agreement via Primedinners’ Payment Function, you agree to provide a valid financing instrument in order to load funds to your electronic balance.
    2. Prices. Indicate with sales prices whether these include taxes, fees and shipping costs that the seller has to charge and the buyer has to pay.
    3. Supplemental conditions. Should there be supplemental conditions (such as shipping conditions for material goods), these must be clearly specified. The transaction is then also subject to these supplemental conditions.
    4. Subscriptions for paid accounts. If you purchase a subscription, we deduct the subscription amount directly from your financing instrument. We subsequently do that again at the beginning of each subscription period.
    5. Actual sale. You can only use Primedinners’ Payment Function for the processing of a financing transaction for a legitimate bona fide purchase. You may not use Primedinners’ Payment Function for financing a transaction or as another way to transfer funds from an electronic balance if it does not involve a purchase.
    6. Cancellation right of the European Union. If you live in the European Union, you agree to comply with this contract for your purchase and you waive your right to cancel on the basis of the Guidelines for consumer rights (2011/83/EU) or of comparable implemented regulations.
    7. No guarantees. You acknowledge that the products or services that you purchase are sold by suppliers and not by Primedinners, including the products and services that you yourself offer. Primedinners makes no guarantee of any nature whatsoever, either explicit or implicit, concerning all products or services that are sold and/or offered on or via Primedinners.


    1. Terminating subscription. The following terms and conditions apply for subscriptions that are purchased via Primedinners:

    1. The basic subscribment is a free agreement, there will be no monthly costs. When you upgrade the agreement, the subscription costs will be billed at the beginning of the upcoming month but you can already use the upgraded functions. 
    2. You can terminate subscriptions at any time in writing via our customer service and/or bij ending your subscription on your profile account.
    3. If you terminate a subscription, you still have access to your account and/or function until the end of the subscription period. If an account and/or function to which you were subscribed becomes unavailable (and you receive timely written notice of this), then it will not be billed at the beginning of the following subscription period.
    4. The agreement will be entered into for a term of 12 months, 24 months and 36 months unless otherwise agreed, and thereafter will be silently renewed under the terms of the previous contract.
    5. The agreement can only be terminated in writing, with consideration of a period of notice of one month.
    6. The agreement can only be downgrated via our customer service. Downgrading a subscription, always has effect on the features and benefits. We can not be held responsible for the loss of the data you entered and any missing benefits.
    7. The agreement can be upgraded any time, the new subscription costs will be billed at the beginning of the upcoming month.
    8. When you upgrade a subscription, we acquit (only if applicable) the additional upgrade cost in the first upcoming month.
    9. Primedinners can terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the client does not, or does not reasonably or does not completely fulfil one or more obligations toward Primedinners or acts counter to these obligations.
    10. Primedinners has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect without notice of default or legal intervention if the client is declared bankrupt, has applied for or received suspension of payments or has otherwise lost full control over his assets. The latter party then has no right to any compensation for damages.
    11. Parties are not entitled to transfer their rights or duties under an agreement to third parties without prior written permission from the counter party.

    Primedinners has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and without legal intervention if:

    I. client makes improper use of an account;
    II. client distributes information that is in conflict with (inter)national laws and regulations;
    III. client distributes information that is in conflict with the generally accepted norms and values.

    3. Payment methods

    1. Financing instruments. We want to make Primedinners’ Payment Function as user-friendly as possible, and you can thus finance your transactions in different ways, for example with credit cards and bank cards.
    2. Authorised. When you provide us with a financing instrument, you confirm that you are authorised to use this financing instrument. When you pay a transaction, you give us (and the payment processor we designate) permission to bill the full amount to the financing instrument that you use for the transaction. You also give us permission to save the information about the payment instrument, together with other information related to the transaction.
    3. Authorisation. When you pay with a bank card or credit card, we may ask for advance approval for a certain amount from the card issuer. This amount can be as high as the complete purchase price. We deduct the amount from your card at the moment that you load the financing for your transaction via Primedinners’ Payment Function, or shortly thereafter. If you cancel a transaction before you complete it, this advance approval can mean that this financing is not immediately available to you for other purposes.
    4. Automatic debit. All subscriptions for a paid member account will be completed via automatic debit. You agree that we can bill any amount that falls within the range with which you have agreed during registration. We will inform you in advance if an amount exceeds this agreed range.
    5. Financing failed. If you finance a payment with a bank card and this transaction results in the overdrawing of your account or the bank billing you for other fees, you alone are responsible for these fees.
    6. Incompatibility. It can happen that you encounter a function that offers no support for the payment method that you prefer to use. If you want to purchase an article or a function priced in a local currency, you can for example select another type of payment instrument (such as a credit card or a bank card).

    Measures that we can take

    1. Use at will. We can withdraw your right to use Primedinners’ Payment Function at any given time and completely according to our own judgement.
    2. Inquiry. By making use of Primedinners’ Payment Function, you acknowledge and accept that we may make an inquiry if we consider that necessary, either directly or via third parties, about your identity and creditworthiness.
    3. Our right to cancel. We are permitted to cancel any transaction if we are of the opinion that the transaction violates these Terms and conditions or the Statement of rights and responsibilities or if we are of the opinion that we will prevent financial loss by cancelling the transaction. We are also permitted to cancel any electronic balance that has been collected, transferred, assigned or sold as a result of fraudulent or illegal activities.
    4. Payment limitations. In order to prevent financial loss for you or for us, we can delay a payment for a certain period, limit the financing instrument for a transaction, limit your ability to make purchases, or deactivate your account.
    5. Sharing information. In order to prevent financial loss for you or for us, we can contact the issuer of your financing instrument, with the police or with third parties (such as other users) and share details of payments in which you are involved if we are of the opinion that we can prevent financial loss or violations of law in this way.

    Disputes and reversals

    1. Customer service. We offer different tools in our Service centre for Primedinners’ Payment Function, in order to help you in communicating with a third party in order to resolve a dispute that results from a payment transaction.
    2. No liability for paid transaction. If you enter into a transaction with a third party and a dispute arises concerning the goods or services that you have purchased or sold, we are not liable for the goods or services in this transaction. For the complete explanation, see the General terms and conditions for web shop.
    3. Duty of notice. If you are of the opinion that an unauthorised or otherwise problematic transaction has occurred in your account, you agree to inform us immediately, so that we can take measures in order to prevent financial loss. Unless you submit a claim to us within 30 days after the charge, you waive, insofar as permitted by applicable law, all claims against us that result from or are otherwise connected with the transaction.
    4. Technical problems. If a technical error occurs or if the service becomes unavailable, so that you cannot complete your financing transaction, you can ask whether you can complete your transaction at a later time.

    Special provisions for advertisers and/or member accounts

    1. Promise to pay. When you purchase advertising clicks credits on Primedinners, you agree to pay all amounts reported in the order, plus any taxes.
    2. Permission for credit check. Without prejudice to section 3 above, you gives us written permission via your order to request a personal and/or business credit report from a credit information agency. We can request your credit report when you place an order or at any time later.
    3. Security. You are responsible for the security of your advertisement, and you understand that you must pay for all order that are place on or via your advertisement.
    4. Automatic debit. If you complete payments via automatic debit, you agree that we can bill for any amount that falls within the range to which you agreed during the registration. We will notify you in advance if an amount exceeds this agreed-upon range.
    5. Cancellation. You can cancel an order at any time via our customer service, but your advertisements can continue to be shown for a few days after this notification, and you remain responsible for payment for these advertisements.
    6. Liability for taxes. The amounts that we bill you via your credit card or otherwise can be subject to applicable taxes, including but not limited to wage taxes. You are responsible for the payment of taxes that apply to your transactions. You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against all claims that result from your neglecting to pay taxes.
    7. Neglected accounts. If you buy advertising clicks credits and your payment method fails or if your account is in arrears of payment, we can take measures to collect outstanding amounts via other payment mechanisms. You agree to pay all costs related to these mechanisms, including reasonable legal fees. Interest will be added to outstanding amounts, including a fee of 1% per month of the legal allowable maximum (the lower of the two).

    Notifications and changes to these terms and conditions

    1. Notifications to you. When you use the Primedinners’ Payment Function service, you agree that we will send you all important information concerning your purchases or your account in electronic form.
    2. Notifications to us. Unless otherwise stated, you must report notifications to us concerning the Primedinners’ Payment Function and these Terms and conditions to our customer service, attention Payment conditions.
    3. Guidelines changes. We can change these payment terms and conditions at any time and without any notification if we consider that necessary, insofar as allowed by law. A transaction is subject to the payment terms and conditions that apply at the time that you confirm a transaction.

    Supplemental conditions

    1. Conflicting terms and conditions. All obligations that you assume in the Statement of rights and responsibilities of Primedinners are applicable to your use of Primedinners’ Payment Function. If these Terms and conditions and the Statement of rights and responsibilities of Primedinners are in conflict, the conditions of use have priority.
    2. Conflicting laws. In some countries, there are limitations or bans on your ability to pay via Primedinners. Nothing in these Terms and conditions may be interpreted in such a way that these foreign laws are violated or avoided.
    3. Translation as a courtesy. These Terms and conditions are written in Dutch (NL). If a translated version of these terms and conditions conflict with the Dutch version, the Dutch version is binding.
    4. Transactions that use an electronic Balance as the payment method, as reported in section 3.4 are processed in all cases through Payment Provider Buckaroo, www.buckaroo-payments.com