• Policy for use of Information & Privacy

    Policy for use of Information & Privacy

    This is the website of Primedinners B.V.
    Our postal address is Postal box 14639, 1001 LC in Amsterdam. Our registration number with the Kamer van Koophandel is 60001534.
Our VAT number is NL85372656B01. To contact us via email, please fill in the contact form.

    Upon request, we provide visitors to our site with access to all information that we retain about them. If you wish to have access to this information, please contact us at the address listed above.

    Upon request, we offer the visitors to our site the option to correct any incorrect information that we retain about them. If you wish to improve your personal information, please contact us at the address listed above.

    If you think that our site does not comply with our privacy policy, then contact our company, at the address listed above.

    Q&A Privacy

    Who sees my ‘Prime moments’ timeline updates?
    The photo and video updates are always Public. Your update is visible to all members within the platform, for everyone who has added you as a connection and on your own timeline.
    Primedinners is authorised to openly publish, within the platform, your news, events, blogs for the promotion of the platform. Other members within the platform can view these.

    Who sees my photos and videos (in the folders on the profile)?
    The photos on your profile (all photo folders, except for the Private folder) are public and visible for members within the platform and to your connections. The photos in the Private photo folder are only visible to your connections.

    What is considered as public account information?
    Everything that is available to everyone is considered as public information.
    Items that you share on your profile:
    Your name, username, country of origin, profession, where you work and your age together with your profile photo are available to everyone. In order to protect your privacy, you can choose to adjust your privacy settings (My profile – manage profile – Settings):

    • Display your profile when viewing other members. If you turn this off, you can also no longer see who has viewed your account.
    • Display or do not display your connections
    • Display or do not display your city of residence
    • Display or do not display your e-mail address
    • Display or do not display your telephone number
    • ​Display or do not display your Business profile
    • Display or do not display your Travel profile
    • Receive private message, from all members or only from your connections.

    We advise filling in the required and non-required information as completely as possible and/or to adjust your settings in order to make it as easy as possible to make contact with fans of quality, companies and restaurateurs. (The settings for ‘About me’ are required.)

    • Your name and profile photo make you recognisable.
    • Your username must correspond with the page content and the real identity.
    • Naming where you work and your profession enables others to find you more easily and facilitates making business contacts. The LinkedIn account will be linked to your profession. (Social Links)

    How do I determine which photos I want to share with all members or only with connections?
    You can place photos on your profile in the photo folders provided. If you choose the ‘Private’ photo folder, these photos are only visible to your connections. The other photos and videos on your profile are visible for all members within the platform. Primedinners is not authorised to promote these folders on the member’s profile in any manner whatsoever inside or outside the platform.

    Who can add me as a connection?
    Everyone can add you as a connection for private or professional reasons. When someone adds you as a connection, you will always be notified. It is up to you to accept or not to accept this request. Each member has the right to determine who they do and do not want to make connections with, for whatever reason. The person will receive a notification when the request is accepted or declined.

    Who can see my profile photo?
    Your profile photo is public. If you add a profile photo, this is visible for everyone within the platform.

    Who sees which profiles I view?
    Under profile settings you can indicate whether or not to display your Profile. If you turn this function on, members can see when and at what time you viewed their profile. You will then also see which members have viewed your profile, when and at what time. (My profile-profile views). When you do not want the display recorded, your profile visits by others will also not be visible.

    What is a tag?
    Everyone can add a tag to a ‘Prime moment’ update. A tag is a special kind of link to a timeline with which a suggestion is made to a tagged member to add your update to his/her timeline.

    Tagging a Gastronomy member: You can tag a gastronomy member in your Prime Moment update. When you do this, your update is also visible to the gastronomy member and visible on the gastronomy profile (Last added member photos). The gastronomy member is authorised, for whatever reason, to decline your tag.

    Personal tag:
    All your connections can tag you in their updates. You can determine yourself whether an update in which you are tagged is displayed on your own timeline. You can individually approve or decline each update. If you do not want someone to tag you, we advise you to take this up with him or her personally and to share this feedback. If that does not work, you can also block this member. That prevents him or her from being able to tag you in the future. If you approve the tag, this is visible on the timeline of the member who placed the update and all persons who are tagged (and have approved).

    Tagging connections:
    When you place an update, you can only tag connections with ‘with whom’. The connection is a Member of Quality , Company or Gastronomy. You can tag the gastronomy members also in your update with ‘where’. All connections can individually approve or decline the update.

    Who can Rate/Like or Share the updates that I place?
    When you place your ‘Prime moment’ on Primedinners, this is public. Your update is visible for everyone who has added you as a connection (and you have accepted). Primedinners is authorised to openly publish, within the platform, your news, events or blog update for the promotion of the quality platform. Other members within the platform can view these.

    How will I be found on Primedinners?
    In order to make it simpler for members to find you, we allow everyone who has your contact information (such as city of residence, country or by name) to find you via the search function on Primedinners.

    Members can find you or a link to your timeline via other people and the updates that they share (for example if you are tagged in a friend’s photo).

    What are Gastronomy and Business accounts?
    These are public accounts. Companies and Restaurateurs use their account to share information about their services and products with other members. Because accounts are public, the information that you share with a page is also public. That means that if, for example, you place a tag, this will be seen and checked by the owner of the account. When you want a connection with the company or gastronomy, you can send a connection request and/or a private message. You can also make an online reservation directly at the gastronomy place and request quotes from companies.

    The accounts contain content that comes directly from the owner of the page, such as: information, photos, videos, news, events, web shop items, timeline updates.

    What are Advertisements?
    Primedinners offers advertising options with which advertisers can reach people inside and outside Primedinners platform.

    When we place advertisements, we do not share your information with advertisers (information that can identify you personally, such as your name or contact information), unless you give us permission to do so. We can provide advertisers with information after we have removed your name and other information that can identify you personally, or after we have combined the information with other information so that they can no longer be connected with you. We can, for example, tell an advertiser how his advertisements perform, how many people have viewed his advertisement or how many have clicked on the banner. This way, we can show you content that you may find interesting. We can use all information that we receive about you in order to display advertisements that are more relevant for you. This concerns for example:

    information that you provide with your registration or that you add to your account or timeline,
    things that you share and do on Primedinners, such as what you like, and your interaction with advertisers, partners and searches.
    keywords from your updates, and things that conclude from your use on Primedinners.
    For the advertisements that we place, advertisers can choose their audience by choosing which category the banner should appear in, which continent, country, province, and city and on the basis of what interests.

    What does Primedinners do to protect my information?
    We do everything possible in order to protect your personal information. We use advanced and proprietary control tools for our platform that are run continuously in our system in order to prevent security risks and to protect your information. We always show a secured page when you register, and we make use of advanced coding. This may not always be apparent from the URL (the web address), but you can trust that you can register safely.

    What information is received and used by Primedinners?

    Your information:
    Your information is that information that is required when you register as a member of the site and the information that you share.

    Registration information:
    When you register on Primedinners, you will be asked to give certain information.

    Information that you share:
    Your information also includes the information that you share on Primedinners, such as when you place an update.

    This also includes the information that you make public when you communicate with us, for example when you contact us via an e-mail address, or when you do something like add a connection, Rate/Like and/or Share an update, tag a connection in an update or add a gastronomy place to your update.

    Your name, username, profession, where you work and age, together with your profile photo, will be treated the same as all other information that you make public.

    Information about you that others share:
    We receive information about you from your connections and others, such as when they upload your contact information, place a photo with you in it, or tag you in an update or at a gastronomy place.

    When people use Primedinners, they can save and share information about you and others that they have, for example when they upload and manage their invitations and contacts.

    Other information that we have received about you:

    • We receive information about you when you use Primedinners, such as when you send or receive a message, search for a connection or member, view an advertisement, participate in events, click on things or have another interaction with them or make a purchase via Primedinners.
    • If you place content such as photos or videos on Primedinners, we can receive extra data (or metadata) that has to do with these, such as the time, date and place where you made the photo or video.
    • We receive information from or about the computer or mobile phone with which you visit Primedinners, also when multiple users register via the same device. This can concern platform and communications information, such as your IP address or mobile telephone number, and other information such as your internet service provider, your operating system, your location, the type (including identification) of the device or the browser that you use or the pages that you visit.
    • We receive information when you open an application or website that makes use of the Primedinners platform or when you go to a website with a Primedinners function (such as a social plug-in or widget), sometimes via cookies. This can be the date and time when you open the site, the web address (the URL), technical information about the IP address, the browser and the operating system that you use and whether you are registered on Primedinners (username).

    Sometimes we get information from our affiliated companies or our advertising partners, customers and other external parties that helps us (or them) to display advertisements, to understand online activities and to improve Primedinners in general. If an advertiser, for example, gives us information about you (such as how you respond to an advertisement on Primedinners or another site), then we can measure the effectiveness of those advertisements and improve the quality of the advertisements.

    How do we use the information that we receive?
    We use the information that we receive about you for the services and functions that we deliver to you and other users such as your connections, our partners and the advertisers that buy advertisements on the site. People can, for example, not only see and follow what you do and share, we can also use the information that we receive about you:

    • to keep Primedinners products, services and integrations safe;
    • to protect the rights or the property of Primedinners and others;
    • to offer you location-based functions and services, such as informing you and your connections of an event that is taking place near you;
    • to measure or to get more insight into the effectiveness of the advertisements that you and others see, such as the displaying of advertisements that have relevance for you;
    • to make proposals to you and other users on Primedinners, such as: a connection tags you in a photo with you in it that he or she has uploaded and for internal processes such as problem solving, data analysis, tests, research and improvement of service.

    By giving us permission to use your information, you not only enable us to offer Primedinners the way it now makes use of the information that we receive about you, but you also offer use the ability to develop innovative functions and services.
    You remain the owner of all your information, even if you give us permission to use the information that we have about you. Your trust is important for us, and we therefore do not share information about you with others unless we:

    • have your permission to do so;
    • have informed you of this by, for example, informing you via this policy; or
    • have removed your name and other information that could identify you personally.

    Where information about you that others share is concerned, they of course determine how this will be shared. We save information as long as that is needed to be able to offer products and services to you and others, including those described above. Information that would normally be associated with your account will be saved until your account is removed. For certain categories of information, we can also give you more information about our specific policy for data retention.

    What happens with my registration information?
    Your mobile phone number is only necessary to send a sms verification code (Members of Quality). We ask for multiple authentication so to see if you are a quality member. The specified phone number is no longer used after registration. Your email address is used to send the activation link. After log in you can change your private settings in order to show or hide your email address.

    What are Cookies, pixels and other comparable technologies?
    Cookies are small files with information that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device. Pixels are small blocks of code on web pages that do things such as permit another server to measure the display of a web page. Pixels are often used in combination with a cookie.

    We use technologies such as cookies, pixels and local storage (such as on your browser or device, which is comparable with a cookie but contains more information) to offer various products and services and to get insight into them.

    We use these technologies to do things such as:

    • making Primedinners simpler or faster to use;
    • engaging functions, saving information about you (such as on your device or in your browser cache) or the use of Primedinners;
    • displaying advertisements, getting insight into them and improving them;
    • tracking and getting insight into the use of our products and services; and
    • protecting you, others and Primedinners.
    • We can use these tools, for example, to know that you are registered with Primedinners, to help you use social plug-ins and share buttons or to know when an interaction takes place between you and our advertising or platform partners.

    We can ask advertisers or other partners to display advertisements or services on computers, mobile phones or other devices and these advertisements or services can use a cookie, pixel or comparable technology that is placed by Primedinners or the external party (although we do not share any information with an advertiser that identifies you personally).

    Most companies on the internet make use of cookies (or other comparable technological tools). That also applies for our advertising and platform partners. Our platform partners, advertisers and account managers can, for example, make use of cookies or comparable technologies when you view or use their apps, advertisements, website or other content.

    Deleting my account
    If you no longer want to use your (free) Member account, you can delete it.

    When you delete your account, it will be permanently removed from Primedinners. It takes about one month to delete an account, but some information can be saved for up to 90 days in back-ups and logs. Delete your account only if you are really certain that you never want to activate it again. You can delete your account in your account settings.

    Certain information is necessary to be able to offer you services, so we delete this information only when you have deleted your account. Some things that you do on Primedinners will not be saved in your account, such as when you send someone a message (even after you have deleted your account, your connection can still have a message that you have sent). That information continues to exist after you have deleted your account. If you no longer want to use your (paid) Member accounts or claimed Gastronomy accounts, contact must be made with our customer service.


    Protection of personal information
    Primedinners complies with the CBP for protection of personal information as formulated https://cbpweb.nl with respect to collection, use and storage of information from the EU.
    Contact them if you have questions or in the event of disputes.
    If you have questions or complaints concerning our Policy regarding the use of information & Privacy or the implementation of our policy, you can contact us via our contact information.

    Responding to legal requests and preventing damages
    Information that we receive about you, including financial transaction information associated with purchases paid on Primedinners, can be used and saved for a longer period in the event that the information is subject to a legal request or requirement, governmental research or research concerning possible violations of our terms and conditions or our policy, or to prevent damages. We can also save information from accounts that are disable for a period of at least a year after violation of our terms and conditions in order to prevent repeated abuse or other violations of our terms and conditions.

    Access requests
    You have access to and can correct most personal information that is stored on Primedinners by reporting this with your account.

    Notifications and other messages
    We can send you notifications and other messages with the contact information that we have stored for you, such as your e-mail address and phone number.

    Commemorative accounts
    We can give the account of a deceased person the commemorative status. When we give an account the commemorative status, we keep the timeline on Primedinners but we limit the access and certain functions. You can report the timeline of a deceased person to us.
    We can also close an account if we receive a formal request that meets certain requirements.

    Affiliated companies
    We can share information that we receive with companies that legally seen belong to or are going to belong to the same group of companies as Primedinners (these are often called 'Affiliated companies'). Our Affiliated companies can in turn share information with us. This sharing of information takes place in compliance with applicable laws, including laws that require approval. We and our Affiliated companies can also use shared information for offering and improving our services and their own services.

    Service providers
    We give your information to the people and companies that help us understand and improve the services that we offer. It can thus happen that we use external providers for hosting our website, displaying photos and videos, processing payments, analysing data, executing and publishing research and measuring the effectiveness of advertisements. In all cases, our partners must agree only to use your information according to the agreement that we have entered into with them and this policy with respect to the use of information.

    Security and bugs
    We do our best to keep your information safe, but we need your help in doing so. We try to keep Primedinners running, free of bugs and safe, but can only partially guarantee our services or products.

    Change of control
    If our company changes owner, it can happen that we transfer your information to the new owner so that the new owner can continue the service. But this owner must comply with the rules that we have established in this policy with respect to the use of information.

    Notification of changes
    If we change this Policy regarding the use of information, we will inform you of this.
    If the changes are large, we can show you extra and more noticeable messages. This depends on the circumstances.

    Opportunity to respond
    Unless we implement changes for legal or administrative reasons, or to correct an inaccurate statement, we give you seven (7) days’ time to respond to the changed. After this period has expired and if we implement changes, we will give notification of the effective date.