• Quality Product

    Quality Product

    Quality Products can now be offered in the Primedinners Web shop. For all Restaurants and international Companies and brands with quality products, Primedinners is the network for reaching the right target group. Also see the additional information about the Web shop in FAQ.


    About Quality Products

    • A product is the item offered for sale in the Web shop.
    • A product can be a service or an item.
    • A product can be physical, virtual or in cyber form.
    • Every product is made at a cost and each is sold at a price. The price that can be charged depends on the market, the quality, the marketing and the segment that is targeted.

    To successfully promote and sell your quality products on Primedinners.com;

    • The product information which is provided may vary from country to country and not all products are legally available in every country. No product in the Web shop can be considered as promotion or advertising for a product or service that is not allowed in the country in question.
    • A quality product needs to be relevant: the users must have an immediate use for it. A product needs to be functionally able to do what it is supposed to, and do it with a good quality.
    • The quality product needs to be communicated: Users and potential users must know why they need to use it, what benefits they can derive from it, and the difference it will make to their lives.
    • The quality product needs a name: a name that people reMember and relate to in order to stand out from the clutter of products and names.
    • The quality product should be adaptable: with trends, time and change in segments, the product should lend itself to adaptation to make it more relevant and maintain its turnovers.
    • The quality product needs to be ordered and be delivered based of the general terms and conditions and web shop conditions