• Share Prime moments

    Share Prime moments




    Share a post of a connection

    You have seen a post on someone's timeline and share it on your own. A private message to that effect is sent to the original poster. The post is now on your own timeline and on the timeline of the person to whom you have sent the message. 

    Connection Shared your post

    Someone else has seen a post on your timeline and shared it on their own timeline. It is now present on both timelines. A private message is sent to you telling you this. When someone else has shared your post on their timeline, you cannot un-share it. You can only delete posts from your own timeline, not others'.

    un-Share a post

    There is something on your timeline that you no longer want to have there. This may be something that you posted, or something you shared from someone else's timeline. Delete the update on your timeline or click the share button and click stop sharing.  

    Connection Rated your post

    Another user rated something you posted. You are sent a private message telling you this. The post is already on your timeline. Sharing the post would give you two examples of the same post on your timeline.