• Instruction manual Seats United

    Instruction manual Seats United

    Reservation system general instruction manual (ENG)

    Seats United is custom build together with restaurants and is powered by Primedinners.
    Seats United is easy to use and available for every restaurant worldwide. The usability of Seats United is transparent, without any cost, without public guest reviews and without preferential treatment.

    Your guests can easily book through the platform, through your own website or through your Facebook page.

    *If your location is awarded with a Primedinners quality label, you can also log in with your Primedinners login details at Seatsunited.com


    Seats United in 5-Steps

    Step 1Log in with your Seats United registration information.
    Are you a new member? You'll need to sign up first.
    → We will check your application and contact you within 24 hours.
    → If your application is approved, you will need to confirm your email address via the link.

    Step 2- Fill out your profile completely in and show what your restaurant has to offer.
    Your profile is your business card, so make sure:
    → Profile picture: choose a high resolution photo. This is your first impression.
    → About me: add your correct details as completely as possible. (not correct data will be deleted)
    * The address is generated through google maps, it happens that google does not recognize the address, please contact us for assistance.
    * Hours of operation communicate with the search engine (date and meal type).
    example: you serve lunch from 12:00-14:00 and dinner from 18.00-22.00 then fill in: from 12.00 to 22.00.  
    * Your Menu: send us your menu in a PDF file: info@seatsnited.com

    → Photos: Upload photos from your PC, tablet or phone. (max 8 MB per photo). 
    → Account: If you wish to change your data, you can change that here. Do you wish to change your registration name? Please contact us.
    → Social Links: a great way to promote your Seats United profile is to add a profile badge on your website. Also add your widget to your Facebook page.
    → View my profile: view your full profile. This is also what the visitors will see when they view your profile.

    Step 3Activate/change the configuration, click "enable" and fill out all required information correctly.
    This information communicates with the widget. 
    → After you clicked on 'enable', you can do all the required settings. You can enter these settings once, except for 'open/closed days'.
    (Please note: If you customize your table plan entirely, your current reservations should be assigned to a table again). 
    → Lunch/dinner: we work with 2 shifts. Enter your lunch and dinner operation hours. example: you serve lunch between 12:00-14:00 and dinner between 18.00-22.00. These hours will communicate with the online widget.
    → Closed days: the days you are (additional) closed. The online widget will close when you use this setting. This function differs from the function 'block day for selected meal type' in the manual add form. This function will block the online widget and your own dashboard.
    → Chefs Table: If you have a chefs table, you can specify the days and hours. You can specify which table id is your chef's table, once your table plan is completed.

    → Table plan: this is your table plan/summary which communicates with your availability in the online widget.
    *Choose how many guests you max. want to accept online. Please note: this number of guests should correspond with your table plan and/or your combination tables.
    * Number of tables; Fill in your table plan. example: You can serve a total of 40 guests, spread over a total of 12 tables; 6 tables of 2, 4 tables of 4 and 2 tables of 6 guests. Then you fill in this table layout. You can set the minimum and maximum number of seats per table.
    * After set up your table plan click on the 'refresh button'. The page is now refreshed and you will see your complete table plan.
    * Give each table a name or number. This name or number communicates with your dashboard. If desired, you can assign tables to employees. You can also drag the tables in order, this order also communicates with your dashboard overview.
    * If you have a Chefs Table, you can assign the table number/name. 

    → Offline tables: all tables under your Table plan are visible by default and bookable through the online widget. Tables which are not available online can be set offline via the checkbox (eg. the private dining room, extra tables or terrace tables).

    → Combination tables: at the bottom of your table plan, you can use the button 'make combination' the desired combination.
    You can also combine tables to creating tables for groups. Please note that you cannot overbook tables. You can manually add/overbook a reservation on status 'walk-in'.
    * Select the desired tables which you wish to combine, the selection is marked by the white lines.  
    * Click the button 'Save combination'. The selected combination is displayed directly under the table plan
    * You need to specify the minimum and maximum possible seats per combinations, this represents your widget availability
    * Click the button ' Save'. The combination tables are now also added to the priorities table list. If you want, you can drag the combinations to the correct priority position.

    → Priorities Tables: Automatically assign tables based on priority order. 
    * Drag & drop the table to the desired position
    * After full configuration click  'Save'. You will get a notification that all your settings are successfully saved.
    If you do not specify priority, the system default to your current priority, with lowest priority the combination tables.

    → Other settings: Here you can specify additional other settings.
    * Specify the percentage for a deposit (optional)
    * Specify the percentage of cancellation fee (optional)
    * Specify how many hours in advance reservation can be cancelled (this option communicates with the cancellation link in the confirmation email)
    * Specify how many hours in advance guest can make online reservations (this option communicates with the online widget)
    → Widget photo: Add a photo of your restaurant.

    Step 4- Add the widget to your own website by copying the HTML code. Add a HTML element to your website. Paste the code and save. (possibly with the assistance of your site administrator)
    The widget is synchronized with the widget on Seats United. You can choose from a variety of designs; Theme Light= white background, Theme Dark= grey background, The Transparent white text theme or Theme Transparent black text.

    Step 5You can now manage your reservations
    → You can now create, view, manage and mail reservations
    * New reservations are made visible in the green circle in your header, in your Seats United environment and via an email notification. Also all unseen and untreated reservations will be shown at the top.
    * You can manually add new reservations by clicking on "New" button. The status defaults to 'Untreated '. You can change this status. This 'status' will display your availability at a glance.
    * Block (part of) the day in your dashboard. This feature blocks all reservations (manually and online)
    * Find your reservation overview at the 'reservations tab'
    * Double click to get the detail view, click 'change' to adjust the reservation; change status, combining tables, switch table, answer guests, forward guest notes.
    * filter by date
    * filter by name
    * filter by status
    * filter by meal type
    * filter by reservation number
    * send overview by mail
    * print overview

    → Your dashboard is your home page. Here you can add and manage all your reservations.
    * Make your screen wider by clicking on 'expander '  icon.
    * The calendar displays your availability. Green= available, Orange = medium availability, Red = fully and/or overbooked.
    * Filter on meal type, per day or a specific selection. The selection appears directly below the calendar.
    * The filter defaults to 7 days. You can manually enter an alternative selection.
    * At the top of the overview you will see the number of reservations and number of guest.
    * Per shift you can directly close the online widget by using the ' open/closed ' switch.
    * Print or email the reservations per shift/day.
    * The 'status' of the reservations will display your availability at a glance.

    → Find your customer file at the 'customer file tab', you can view and manage your own database. Customer data are automatically saved. If your customer is a Primedinners member, this member profile will appear in your file. 
    * You can filter/search by guest name
     *You can manual merge customer profiles. Please note that the 1st selected profile is leading. Merging profiles is irreversible.
    * You can change the customer profiles
    * Guest comments are stored. You can manual change or remove comments. 


    Restaurant owners receive an email notification:
    → When you receive a new reservation
    ​→ At receiving a cancellation
    * These emails are also sent to your private inbox in your Seats United profile. 

    Your guests receive an email notification:
    → When making an online reservation
    → When the restaurant manually add a reservation
    → When a reservation is cancelled online
    → When the restaurant manually change or cancels a reservation, and sends a notification.
    → When the restaurant is answering a guest 
    → Reminder of the reservation

    For any specific questions, feedback and/or positive additions, we kindly ask you to contact our service centre.


    Seats United Ⓒ Powered by Primedinners