• Investment for Primedinners & Seats United 28 augustus 2017

    Investment for Primedinners & Seats United

    This investment enables us to further optimize and market our product even better, nationally and internationally.

    With a successful investment of approx. 4 million, Primedinners and its partner Media Artists will in the coming years grow together and invest in tech/software applications.

    Right now the Media Artists team have been working on high-grade software modules for over 10 years - modules which will be implemented in Primedinners and Seats United. Media Artists is an official partner of worldwide tech company Amazon.

    The coming period will be focused on the developments of all new modules and the two (iOS/Android) apps. The new modules, applications and design will make sure that connection to and with the quality platform will offer even more advantages for users. 

    Expansion social activities
    The international target group, which consists of gastronomy, companies and consumers, is in the midrange and top segment and is focussed on 21+. Searching and sharing of quality and always being in contact with people who share the same interests in the field of lifestyle, business, travel and gastronomy will be even better with this new partnership. 

    New modules & applications for companies
    The SaaS-solution enables us as a team to offer total peace of mind to companies with continuous development of their software systems. Dated systems/websites and forced updates are a thing of the past - the software is always up-to-date.  Full own websites, web shops, API links, cash systems, administrative systems and en CRM systems and always be socially connected with potential customers.