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Shared photo album of Primedinners Lunch visit at De Nieuwe Polderkeuken

De Nieuwe Polderkeuken is located in The Green Heart (Het Groene Hart). The Restaurant which is located on the 1st floor has a cosy, homely feel to it.
Chef Frank Streefland, a young chef with a lot of ambition, follows his own passion and style. His main focus; creating tasting sensations and deliver high quality. Frank Streefland is also the founder of ‘Groene Hart Culinair, an annual festival with attention to regional products.
Note: This year the Polderkeuken bistro will be officially opened, which is located on the ground floor.


Chef Frank Streefland grew up near Stolwijk in The Netherlands and enjoys working with fresh and where possible regional products. 

Choose the 'Menu du chef' sit back and let yourself be pampered.

Amuse Bouches: 
-Carrot cream puffs.
-Cheese tart| rosemary | fresh flavoured mayonnaise.
-Puff pastry sticks with poppy seed | goat's milk cottage cheese
-Shot of citrus broth and spices | coconut milk

Green pea Espuma | roasted quinoa | potato cracklings

Champagne Brut Grande Reserve, Delot Pere & Fils (Champagne, FRA)

Halibut | cucumber | oyster | lychee | coconut | sea vegetables

Verdejo 'Fuente Elvira' 2015, Pedro Escudero (Rueda, SPA)


Leek, garlic, cheese and ramsons appetizer croquette, pecan, chives emulsion, gel of apple syrup

Grüner Veltliner 'Spezial' 2015, Georg Bauer (Niederösterreich,

Scallop | pearl barley | fennel | orange | sauce with Pernod

Falanghina 'Svelato' 2015, TerreStregate (Campania, ITA)

Rib eye " Sunflowers"; corn, yellow carrot, piccalilli, sunflower seed, gravy •Inspired by “Sunflowers”- Vincent van Gogh, 1889
“Sunflowers”- painting by Vincent van Gogh, 1889 used as inspiration

Beaumes de Venise 'rouge' 2011, Domaine de Coyeux (Rhone, FRA)

Cream Swiss| caramel ice cream| hazelnut | apple cinnamon meringue

Tarte tatin | caramel | cinnamon | hazelnut | cream Swiss| butter cake

Cheese trolley

Selection of Dutch and French cheeses with matching garnish

White Port, Van Zellers (Porto, POR)

Coffee sweets

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De Nieuwe Polderkeuken
Dorpsplein 7
2821 AR Stolwijk
The Netherlands


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