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    Company Member

    For all Companies and brands with unique or Quality products and/or services, Primedinners is the network for reaching the right quality target group.


    For all the diverse and affiliated Companies and brands, both national and international, it is now possible to perform optimally.

    Using one of the advanced company profile makes it possible to reach all lovers of quality and luxury through:

    • Company page account: promote your company. Come directly into contact with the right target group and present your company nationally and internationally through the extensive account and social media functions
    • Search engine: this search engine will help find your company better, simpler and quicker
    • Videos
    • Photos
    • Company events: promote your event nationally and internationally, send invitations and keep a guest list
    • Web shop: unlimited use of the national and international online shop, sale of company products and/or services
    • Blog/vlog: blog about quality moments in the categories; company, restaurant, product, event, lifestyle, travel
    • Congierge service, Conference service
    • Receive or apply for quotations directly
    • Manage and share news through Primedinners on the most important social media channels
    • Private messages and chat function: communicate with potential customers and relations and react to all culinary photos and videos
    • Share culinary meetings with business relations and users
    • Make reservations directly for business meetings or meetings at all high-end Restaurants, nationally and internationally
    • Advertise on the basis of specific users’ interests 

    Profile account possibilities:


    Profile Including:

    • High quality web page Profile
    • Primetime Timeline
    • Reference in Search engine
    • Quality Connections
    • Multiple Advertisement
    • Live Messenger and Private Messages
    • Blogs & Vlogs
    • World’s largest Reservation system

    *Basic Company profile accounts are Free of charge. When you register you can upgrade at any time; Basic Plus, Premium Label or Custom account. 

    Basic Plus

    Profile Including:

    • Basic Profile

    Extra functions:

    • Receive €0.05 up to €0.15 on your post-response
    • Quotation Button
    • Promote News articles
    • Web shop application
    • Events promo and agenda
    • Private messages with all Members

    *Basic Plus Company profile is a payed account:

    -Basic Plus 3 year for € 30.00 per month excl. VAT
    -Basic Plus 2 year for € 34.95 per month excl. VAT
    -​Basic Plus 1 year for € 37.50 per month excl. VAT


    Profile Including:

    • Basic Plus+ Profile

    Extra functions:

    • Receive €0.15 up to €0.25 on your post-response
    • Logo 'PD' Premium-Label 
    • Free entrance 'PD' events
    • Your products displayed in ‘Populair products’ section
    • 1 International Video ad (Primetime, 7 consecutive days, €350.00)
    • 1 National Promo ad (Home page, €25.00)

    *Premium-Label Company profile is a payed account:

    -Premium-Label 3 year for € 80.00 per month excl. VAT
    -Premium-Label 2 year for € 84.95 per month excl. VAT
    -​Premium-Label 1 year for € 87.50 per month excl. VAT


    Custom profile 

    Customize your quality profile, request only via Primedinners. 

    Apply your request Now!


    We deliberately keep the fee low, so all Companies around the world can participate. 

    *The Member fees are monthly through direct debit of your account. We cooperate with payment provider Buckaroo. (www.buckaroo-payments.com)
    **All products and services within the Premium-Label are carefully selected based on the level of quality.

    Create your company account now! See Register/Sign Up for more information. 


    For all questions about Privacy, please visit our Policy for use of Information & Privacy  

    Manage My Profile
    In order to manage and update your profile, go to you top menu (My profile-Manage Profile)
    Here you are able to manage Photos, Videos, Blogs, ConnectionsFavorites, Profile Views, Registration (upgraded accounts), Events, Web shop products, News articles, Payments ans Advertisements. You also are able to manage your personal account settings and privacy settings. To see your changes click "View my profile". 

    My Profile
    In order to see your overview Profile page, go to top menu "My Profile".
    On your own Profile you can find: Your contact details, Request for quotation button, Quote, Profile photo, My PrimelineConnections, Photos, Videos, Blog, Web shop products, News articles, Events, About information, ChatPrivate Messages. (The profile features are visible only when activated at Manage My Profile)

    Primetime page (Home button in your top menu) is your own personal Home Page. All Members have their own Primetime page.
    On your Primetime page you can share your quality prime moments in life, you can see all the latest update of your connections and updates specially selected for you; Primetime TimelinePrime moment updatesPrivate messagesPopular productsEventsNewsChat.

    You can change your personal settings at "Manage Profile" (top menu My profile-Manage Profile-Settings). You can change your Log In settings or delete your account at "Manage Profile" (top menu My profile-Manage Profile-Account). 

    Need more help? Check the Quick Guide here

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