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    Find out which Quality Events take place worldwide, register and see which other enthusiasts take part.

    In the Primedinners platform you will find Events about Quality, Food, Beverage, High-end, Luxury, Travel, Lifestyle, Design, Fashion, Jewelry, Haute-Perfume, Luxury Cars, Yachts, Business network, Gastronomy.


    What is an Event
    A Quality Event is an organized mobile event, for one day, multiple days and/or week(s). Events can be public or private.
    All Members can Search and Join an Event to keep updated in the world of Quality. Network and meet new enthusiastic people worldwide who love Quality.

    Who can create an Event
    Companies and Top Gastronomy are able to manage and create Events on Primedinners (My Profile -My Events - Add). 
    To get an overview of the created events and to manage your created events (My Profile - My Events). 

    Manage my Event
    Companies and Top Gastronomy are able to manage their created event. You can manage an event by:

    • Updating the event: update the event with more or new details, so that the participants remain well informed. When you update your event, participants will automatically receive a notification.
    • Final guest list: as an administrator you can print out the final guest list.
    • Exclude a Member from participating in the event. When you exclude a Member, the person will get a notification.
    • Share the event: it is possibility to share events directly on your other linked social media channels.

    To successfully create an Event:

    • Events need to be relevant: they must benefit Members directly. An event needs to be fun, relevant to the Primedinners audience, able to do what it is supposed to, and do it with a good quality.
    • Events need to be correctly communicated: Members must know why they need to join, what benefits they can derive from joining and the difference it will make to their lives.
    • Events need a Title: a name that people reMember and relate to in order to stand out from the clutter of Events and names.
    • Events need a Description: the event description says more about the event and its benefits.
    • Events need a Number of Participants: the specified number of guests shows if there are still tickets available.
    • Events need a Date: an event date for one day, multiple days and/or week(s). Members can search and find events on specific dates.
    • Events need Visibility Privacy settings: Visibility of the activity; for "Public”, “Connections Only” or “Invite Only" and Visibility of the guest list; for "Everyone”, “Participants” or “Not Visible".
    • Events need a Location: add an event location so Members can find the exact location. Type the location in the text field.
    • Events need an Impression: add several images to the event and give Members a good impression of your quality event.

    *When an Event does not meet the Terms & Conditions, Primedinners is authorized to remove the Event. In case of extreme or repeated offenses, the profile account is permanently banned from Primedinners. 

    Share an Event
    We offer all Members the possibility to share events directly via their other linked social media channels. (Link your social channels at My Profile - Manage profile - About me -Social Media).

    Search an Event
    All Members of Primedinners can search for quality events worldwide. Search your event by clicking the main button “Events".
    You can search for your event at the Activity calendar. You can search events by:

    • Start Date; choose a date from the calendar pop-up window
    • End Date; choose a date from the calendar pop-up window
    • Country, State or City; type the location in the text field
    • Title; type the event title in the text field

    Join an Event
    All Members of Primedinners can join and participate. After you find your event click the "View" button to learn more about the event. On this detailed event page you can join the event by clicking the "Join" button. You will be registered as a participant (depending on the Privacy Setting of the administrator). An update of your participation will automatically be posted on your timeline. It is also possible to get an overview of the events that you have joined. (My Profile - My Events - Events I joined)

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