• How to use Primedinners-Company Profile

    How to use Primedinners-Company Profile

    New Company Member-quick FAQ (ENG)

    What is Primedinners?

    Primedinners.com is The platform for Quality, with focus on all Quality in life, Business, Travel and Gastronomy.
    Primedinners is the platform for sharing the quality moments in life, doing quality business, travel experiences and finding quality gastronomy.

    'Create new business, show travel experiences, find quality gastronomy, connect, promote, follow, rate, blog, buy quality and share it with all quality members worldwide.'

    Your guide in the world of Quality.

    Our mission
    Support all Quality life has to offer. To give people acces to all quality anyplace, anywhere and anytime.

    Do I need anything special to use it?
    All you need to use Primedinners platform is an internet connection. Once you're in, begin customize your profile and connect with other members.

    How do I Sign up?
    Before you can Register/Sign up to Primedinners, you need to choose between the different Member profile accounts we offer; Person, Company or Gastronomy. After your selection you can easily create an profile account. You can complete your profile after the obligatory verification. Read more about register at Primedinners platform. 

    How do I customize my profile?
    We advise filling in the required and non-required information as completely as possible and/or to adjust your settings in order to make it as easy as possible to make contact with other members, your customers and potential customers. 

    How do visitors find my Company?
    We developed a Company search engine for all Companies with Quality products or services worldwide. Visitors can search for your company with specific characteristics and criteria. This search engine will help visitors find your company better, simpler and quicker anywhere anytime. Read more about Company search engine.

    How do I promote my Products?
    If you want to promote your product or service in the web shop, you will need an upgrade profile. Upgraded company profiles are able to promote and manage their products. You can add new products, edit products or delete products. In the online shop Members can make unlimited purchases of quality products from Companies within the Primedinners platform. Members no longer need to wait, all quality products worldwide are within easy reach. All Members can Search and make unlimited purchases of quality products.

    How do members order my Products?
    If you want to sell your product or service in the web shop, you will need an upgrade profile. In the Web shop Members can make unlimited purchases of quality products from Companies within the Primedinners platform. Only Primedinners Members can order products. When a member click on the "Click and Order" button, the needed Member data will be filled in automatically if you order a product, we will send the Member data related to the order to the supplier. 
    The supplier and customer will receive an order confirmation by email. Payments of webshop products are made directly between the consumer and the supplier. Primedinners is not a party in the sale. The handling and delivery of the order is further carried out by the supplier. Read more about web shop. 

    How do I receive quotes?
    If you want to receive unlimited quotes of all Members within the platfrom, you will need an upgrade profile.
    When a member click on the "Request for quotation" button, the needed Member data will be filled in automatically, we will send the Member data related to the request to the supplier. 

    How and why do I use Blog/Cogiere service/Conference Service?
    Blog and Services are carrying the latest news and tips around and about your company. Blogs help inform and educate your audience real time, from reporting things to do in the neighborhood, special offers, products or services, company stories, conference possibilities, events etc.
    Company blogs does two very important things. First, it puts a 'face' on your company, helping guests understand more about your company in general. Second, it promotes your company and or product. 

    How can I share a news item?
    If you want to post your News articles, you will need an upgrade profile.Companies able to manage and create News items. We offer the possibility to also share News items directly via your your linked social media channels. You also prepare a news items and schedule it to be published at a different date/time.

    How do I find people to connect?
    When you create an profile account, you can search for members by name or import/invite your contacts.  Read more about connection request. 

    What does it mean to connect with a member?
    Connecting a member means you've chosen to subscribe to their timeline post-updates. When you make a connection, every time the connection post a new update, it will appear on your Primetime (home page). Read more about Primetime page. 

    Where can I see my connections? 
    After you have made a connection, the member is listed in your connections overview. See a list of your connections by clicking on "Connection tab" on your profile page or at manage profile. At Manage profile you can find current connections and also new connections.

    Are there connection limits?
    Primedinners platform has no limits in order of our verified members.

    Who reads my timeline updates?
    "Prime Moments" are your timeline updates about your quality moments which you want to share within the verified worldwide Primedinners platform for Quality. Updates are always visible to your page visitors, connections and other verified Primedinners Quality Members. 
    Read more about 'prime moment' updates.

    How can I post timeline updates?
    You can add a update from your own Primetime page (Home page) Read more about how to post a Prime Moment update.  

    Can I edit a timeline update once I've posted it?
    You can edit or update your post. Go to your Personal profile (My profile) or to the Primetime timeline (Home page) and go to the update you want to edit. Click the edit "Pencil" icon in the top- right of your update. Make your changes and then click ”Edit Post”. Read more about a Prime Moment update.

    What is my Primetime page?
    Primetime page is your own personal Home Page/ dashboard. All Members have their own personal Primetime page based on your connection network and interests. On your Primetime page you can see all the latest updates specially selected for you; Timeline, Private messages, Popular products, Events, News.

    What is my Primeline?
    My Primetime is your personal timeline on your own personal profile page (My Profile). Here you can see your own posts "Prime moments", moments you have shared from connections and moments you are tagged in organized by the date they were posted. You can delete or edit "Prime moments" updates on your Primeline, New updates can be post from your Primtime page (Home). Read more about My primeline. 

    What are Private Messages?
    You can send a Private Message to your own connections. If you want to send unlimited messages to all Members within the platfrom, you will need an upgrade profile. Private Messages are sent between you and one connection or multiple connections. Private Messages to other Members are sent between you and only one specific Member. Messages can be sent if there are questions about updates and business interests or in order to receive more information about a product or service. Read more about private messages.

    How do I use Chat?
    You can send a Chat Message for free worldwide to your connections who are also online.
    When you open a conversation, you will see a conversation that includes all your messages along with your entire chat history. Chat Messages to your connections are sent directly between you and only one of your connections. Select the member you want to chat with in the Chat Box at the bottom-right corner. Or start a conversation by clicking on the "text balloon" icon in a connections update (on the Primetime timeline). Connections with a green dot next to their names are online and available to chat. Read more about Chat. 

    What's a Share?
    You have seen a post on a members timeline and share it on your own timeline. A private message to that effect is sent to the original poster. The post is now on your own timeline and on the timeline of the person to whom you have sent the message. Read more about sharing updates. 

    What's a Tag?
    Members can also mention connections by tagging them. Each member has the choice to share a update on their time line, by selecting the “Share this update” link in the private message or in the update post.

    How do I report spam?
    Primedinners is a verified platform. That means all members are checked and are no robots. If you do see spam or non quality updates, we encourage you to always report spammers at our customer service center

    Where can I find out more information about the Terms of Conditions?
    Primedinners's General Terms is posted in the footer and in our FAQ, and the Primedinners Platform conditions are posted in FAQ-Terms.

    How do I submit a complaint?
    Review our Terms to find out what constitutes a violation, and how to go about fixing a related problem.

    Inquiries and feedback?
    We welcome all your inquiries and feedback. Please contact our customer service center


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