• Manage Gastronomy Reservations

    Manage Gastronomy Reservations

    A Gastronomy owner accesses the reservation system through their drop-down menu (My profile- Manage Profile-Reservations).

    Manage reservations

    If the Gastronomy owner have not enabled reservation management, they will not be able to access the reservation controls.
    But they can easily enable reservation management on the configuration tab:
    (My profile- Reservations-Change Configuration - Enable)

    Once enabled, all reservation configuration can be manage from one place. On the configuration tab, Gastronomy owners can manage:

    • their opening times
    • availability times for lunch and dinner service
    • availability of a chef's table
    • whether or not a deposit is required, and at what percentage
    • implementation and percentage of a cancellation fee
    • the minimum hours before a reservation time that a reservation can be cancelled, or created
    • the theme of the Gastronomy (light or dark)
    • the number of tables available and the number of people who can sit at each of those tables
    • detailed dashboard overview per day, month and year
    • table-floor plan overview
    • agenda overview for quick availability
    • own CRM system
    • Statistics overview reports

    Each of these settings is stored in the database and affects the options available to guests wishing to make a reservation through the Primedinners reservation widget.

    Guest reservations are managed on the reservations tab. Here they can be sorted and the details of each reservation can be viewed or configured by clicking on the individual reservation. (My profile- Reservations-Reservations)

    Reservation Widget
    Gastronomy can incorporate the Primdinners reservation widget into their own websites by including the unique link supplied on demand on the third tab in the reservations management module. (My profile- Reservations-Add on Website).


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