• Moodboard


    Moodboard is a photo collage with your own photos which you want to share within the worldwide Primedinners platform.
    Moodboard is always public and visible on your profile account and therefore also visible to your connections and other international Primedinners Members. This means that other Primedinners Members are able to view and/or share your Moodboard via other social media channels.

    What is a Moodboard
    Moodboard is a photo collage with your own photos. By creating a Moodboard, you can express yourself and give other Members an impression of your interests, business aspirations and or favorite dining experiences.
    This Moodboard will reflect who you are, what you love and serves both business and private purposes.

    Who can create a Moodboard
    Quality Members are able to create a Moodboard. (My profile -Manage Profile- Moodboard)

    Create my Moodboard
    Upload photos from your computer, tablet or mobile phone and/or select photos from your photo folders on your Primedinners account. (My profile - Manage profile- Moodboard - Upload photos or Select photos from your folders). Moodboard allows a maximum of 10 images.
    Create a playful collage layout by moving and resizing photos by using the arrow in the lower-right corner of each photo. To deselect click on "x".

    Share a Moodboard
    We offer Members a possibility to share their own Moodboard and the Moodboards of other Members directly via your other linked social media channels. (Link your social channels at My Profile - Manage profile - Social Links).

    Change Moodboard
    You can easily change your Moodboard by deleting the photos you want (My profile - Manage profile- Moodboard - click on "x") and select new photos that you want to upload. 

    Delete Moodboard
    You can delete your Moodboard by deleting all the photos on the Moodboard (My profile - Manage profile-Moodboard - click on "x"). When all photos are removed, the Moodboard is no longer visible on your profile

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