• Terms and Conditions for Primedinners Accounts

    Terms and Conditions for Primedinners Accounts


    Terms and conditions for Primedinners accounts

    The following terms and conditions, as well as (where applicable) the Statement of rights and responsibilities, Policy regarding the use of information & Privacy, General Guidelines for Primedinners Network, Payment terms and conditions, General terms and conditions for web shop apply for all accounts on Primedinners.

    You must ensure that your account fulfils all applicable laws, statutes and regulations. Primedinners retains the right to remove accounts that do not meet the established guidelines.

    I. General

    Primedinners users provide their real names and information. Here follow several rules to which you must adhere with respect to registration and security of your account:

    1.  You provide no false personal information on Primedinners and do not make an account for someone else without permission
    2.  You do not make more than one personal account.
    3. If we deactivate your account, you do not make any other accounts without our permission.
    4.  You do not use your personal timeline primarily for your own commercial benefit, and you do not use any Primedinners account (Members of Quality) for such purposes. Should this be your intention, a paid account can be created.
    5.   You do not use Primedinners if you are younger than 21 years of age.
    6. You do not use Primedinners if you have been convicted of a morality crime.
    7.  You keep your contact information correct and current.
    8. You do not share your password with others (and developers do not share their secret key).
    9.  You claim no restaurant without permission from the legal owner.
    10.  When you create a paid account, you must fulfil the agreed payment obligations.
    11. You grant no one access to your account, and you do nothing that can damage the security of your account
    12. You do not transfer your account (including pages or applications that you manage) to someone else without having our written permission
    13. When you select a username or comparable identification for your account or page, we retain the right to remove or revoke this if we are of the opinion that it is inappropriate (for example when an owner of a trademark complains about a username that bears little resemblance to the actual name of a user).

    B. The content of an account is public, and everyone who can see the page can view its content, with the exception of the “Private” photo folder, which is only visible to connections.

    C.    An account can only be created by persons who are 21 years of age or older. Persons younger than 21 years of age do not get any user account, in order to fulfil all applicable laws and policy rules of Primedinners, including our Guidelines for the network.

    D.    Accounts that promote or make possible online gambling, games of skill or lotteries, including online casinos, sports betting, bingo or poker are only permitted in specific countries with the express permission of Primedinners.

    E.    Accounts may not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceutical products. Accounts for online pharmacies are only permitted with prior permission from Primedinners.

    F.    You may not set up any terms and conditions for your page that are in conflict with the Statement of rights and responsibilities and the references to the supplemental terms and conditions.

    II. Account management

    A. Account usernames

    Account usernames must correspond with the page content and the real identity. If a username does not fulfil these requirements, we can remove the management rights or require that the username be changed.

    Usernames must:

    i.    be free of excluded general terms (for example 'beer' or 'pizza');

    ii.    be grammatically correct with respect to the use of capital letters and may not, except for acronyms, consist only of capital letters;

    iii.    be free of signs and symbols, such as unnecessary punctuation and trademarks;

    iv.    be free of unnecessary descriptions or unneeded qualifications;

    v.    not mislead other people so that they unjustly conclude that the account is the official account of the subject of the account or is authorised by a recognised representative of the subject of the page; and

    vi.    not violate anyone rights.

    B. Collecting information

    If you collect content and information about users, you must make it clear that you (and not Primedinners) are the one who is collecting the information, and you must inform the user and get permission to use the collected content and information. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary permission in order to use content and information, regardless of how you get content and information about users.

    You collect no content or information from users and do not use Primedinners in other ways via automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders or scrapers) without our permission.

    C.    Tags

    You may not incorrectly tag content, incorrectly tag restaurants and may not encourage users to incorrectly tag content (may not encourage others for example to tag themselves in photos where they are not shown).

    III. Account functions

    A. Advertisements on pages

    Advertisements of third parties are not permitted on pages without our prior permission.

    B. Profile photo, Prime moment, general photos

    All photos are public. This means that everyone who is a offiical member and who visits your account can see your photos. Only the photos in the Private photo folder can only be seen by your own connections. You can change your account settings for visible information. Photos may not be deceptive or misleading and may not violate the copyright of someone else. Primedinners is authorised to publish your Events, News, and Blogs within the network for the promotion of the quality network. The updates are always public; other members can view these. It is not permitted to encourage others to use your photos for their personal timeline.

    C.    Promotions

    1. If you use Primedinners to announce or to manage a promotion (for example a competition or lottery), you are responsible for the legal activities of the promotion, including:

    a.   The official rules;

    b.   Offer conditions and participation requirements (for example limitations on age and city of residence); and

    c.   Compliance with applicable regulations with respect to the promotion and all prizes offered (for example registration and obtaining necessary legal permission).

    2. Promotions on Primedinners must:

    a.   Contain a complete exemption of Primedinners for each participant.

    b.   Clearly indicate that the promotion is in no way sponsored, approved or managed by Primedinners and is not associated with Primedinners.

    3. Promotions may be managed on paid accounts. Personal timelines may not be used for the management of promotions and/or win promotions (“share on your timeline to participate” or “share on the timeline of connections/friends for a bigger chance of prizes” is for example not permitted).

    4. We do not help you with the management of your promotion, and you agree that you user our service for the management of your promotion at your own risk.



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