• Terms and Conditions for Primedinners Platform

    Terms and Conditions for Primedinners Platform


    Primedinners is a worldwide platform for quality.
    We have invested for years in creating a platform in which quality is number 1.
    Primedinners is a place where companies, gastronomy and fans can share their experiences in the world of quality internationally.

    The information that is exchanged on Primedinners – ‘Prime moments” on the Primetime timeline that is expressed here – show the diversity of people who use Primedinners.

    In order to promote only positive statements and the high level of quality, we do not offer the ability to place public comments and/or reviews.
    You can only ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ the ‘Prime moment’ updates (photo and video updates) from other members. If you have more information or questions about an update on the timeline of another member, then you can sent a private message or a chat message.

    Primedinners is not accessible to persons under the age of 21. Primedinners is authorized to remove accounts that do not meet the established terms and conditions. (Also see: Statement of rights and responsibilities, Terms and conditions for Primedinners accounts, Policy regarding the use of information and privacy, Payment terms and conditions, General terms and conditions for web shop.)

    Read these guidelines and the references to the supplemental terms and conditions thoroughly.

    You will find there, among other things, what expressions are permitted in the titles of the updates and what can be removed by Primedinners. The platform is only focused on quality; updates that are unrelated to this will not be accepted and/or will be removed with the possible deactivation of the account as a result.

    Violence and threats
    Safety is of the utmost importance for Primedinners. If we note that a realistic risk exists of physical violence or that public order is directly endangered, we will remove the content and inform the authorities. You may not express any believable threats against others or make agreements for committing violence in the real world. Organisations that are known for their terroristic or violent criminal activities may not be present on Primedinners. In addition, it is forbidden to promote, plan or celebrate activities that could lead to others suffering financial damage, including theft and vandalism.

    Primedinners takes threats of self-harm very seriously. We remove any promotion or encouragement of self-mutilation, eating disorders or abuse of hard drugs.

    Harrassment and insults
    Primedinners does not tolerate the bothering and harassment of users in any form whatsoever. We give users the right to speak freely about quality, but we intervene if we receive reports of offensive behaviour towards restaurateurs, companies or (related) individuals. Repeatedly asking other users, restaurateurs and companies for unwanted quotes, requesting contact, seeking connection or sending private messages is a form of harassment.

    Hateful language 
    Primedinners forbids the use of hateful language (i.e. in titles of ‘Prime moment’ updates), but a distinction is made between seriously intended and humorously intended language use. We encourage the discussion of ideas, institutions, events and experiences, but harassing a person or group on the basis of race, origin, sex, gender, sexual preference, handicap or illness is not permitted.

    Graphic content 
    Primedinners is a place where people can find and share their experiences in quality worldwide. Sometimes graphic materials are used in the sharing of experiences (or Prime moments) about subjects like violation of human and animal rights. If people share such content, that is in many cases to condemn such actions. However, there is no place on our site for images that are shared for sadistic effect or to praise or appreciate violence.

    We expect people to share these updates in a responsible way. If people place explicit photos or videos, they must warn their audience about the nature of the content, so that the audience can make an informed choice about whether or not to view the video.

    Primedinners has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic materials and explicit sexual content in which a minor is depicted. We also place limitations on the display of nudity.

    Identity and privacy
    People use their real identity on Primedinners in order to make contact with others. It is not permitted to share the personal information of others without permission. Representing yourself as someone else, unjustly representing yourself as a representative of an organisation or gastronomy or making multiple accounts undermines the community and is in conflict with the entirety of the terms and conditions of Primedinners; also see.

    Before you share information on Primedinners, you must be sure that you have the right to do so. We ask you to respect copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights.

    Regulated goods
    You may not complete any transactions via our platform for regulated products. When you use an account in order to make contact with your customers and other target audiences, you must adhere to our Conditions for setting up an account.

    Web shop
    Products can be offered and ordered via our platform. Only restaurateurs and companies can offer products in the web shop. Only registered members can purchase products. To offer and purchase products, you must adhere to our General terms and conditions for web shop.

    Gastronomy Reservations
    The registered members can make online reservations without charge at the offered gastronomy worldwide. The gastronomy that use our reservations widget are shown online; when this is not (yet) the case, we offer you alternative reservation options. When making a reservation, you agree to the established reservation conditions of the gastronomy (as applicable) and you will always honour these terms and conditions. 

    Phishing and spam
    We take the safety of our members seriously and make every effort to prevent their privacy or safety from being endangered. In addition, we ask you to respect our members by not contacting them for any commercial purpose without their permission.

    We take the safety of our members seriously and make every effort to prevent their privacy or safety from being endangered. This also applies for members who commit fraud or deception. In addition, we ask you to respect our members by not contacting them for any commercial purpose without their permission.

    Reporting misuse
    If you see something on Primedinners that you think violates our terms and conditions, you can report this to us. The reporting of content does not, however, mean by definition that it will be removed from the site. Due to the diversity of our platform, it is possible that something appears unpleasant or offensive to you without it meeting the criteria for removal or blocking. We therefore offer the option to delete or block people who bother you.

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