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    We do not provide the possibility to poste public comments to express your excitement and promote high quality. Instead, we offer our Members the ability to Chat with their connections. In order to chat you need to be connected.  


    What is a Chat Message
    You can send a Chat Message for free worldwide to your connections who are also online.
    When you open a conversation, you will see a conversation that includes all your messages along with your entire chat history. Chat Messages to your connections are sent directly between you and only one of your connections. 

    Messages can be sent if there are questions about updates, share your personal and/or business interests or in order to receive more information about a product or service.

    Who can send and receive a Chat Message
    All Primedinners Members are able to Chat.

    Where can I find my Chat conversations
    Chat conversations and entire history will be visible and stored in your personal Chat Box. The Chat Box is visible at the bottom-right corner and you can see who and how many of your connections are online. 

    Chat with my Connections
    Select the person you want to chat with in the Chat Box at the bottom-right corner. Or start a conversation by clicking on the "text balloon" icon in a connections update (on the Primetime timeline). Connections with a green dot next to their names are online and available to chat.
    If your connection is not online, you can send a Chat Message, the connection can see and respond to the message when they are back online. Or send a Private Message instead. 

    Read messages
    If you have Chat messages waiting to be read, you will be notified via an alert (red number alert) in the Chat Box at the bottom-right corner. The number alert refers to the number of new received messages. 

    Delete a Chat conversation
    You can delete conversations, including all your messages as well as your entire chat history. You can delete the chat history in the chat conversation via the gear menu.

    Emoticons in Chat
    You can add an emoticon to your conversation by clicking the smiley face in the lower-right corner of your chat conversation.

    Video Chat
    You can start a Video Chat for free. You can ask questions to your connections about updates, share your personal and/or business interests, receive more information about a product or service, hold a meeting, work with colleagues etc. Select the connections you want to Video Chat with in the Chat Box at the bottom-right corner. Press the Video Camcorder icon, a video request will be sent to the connection. When the connection accepts the request, a video screen will open. The Video Chat is not available on the mobile website, but only available on your computer in Google Chrome and Firefox.

    Turn Chat Off
    You can choose whether you want to hide and turn your chat off by switching the on-off button in the Chat Box at the bottom-right corner.

    Block a connection
    You can block a connection. When you block a connection, this user can no longer send you chat messages. You can block a connection in the chat conversation via the gear menu. The person will be notified that they have been blocked.

    Settings Chat
    In your Chat Box you can specify your general preferences in the chat gear menu (In the general Chat Box at the top right corner-options on your computer):

    • Available to chat; your connections can start a chat conversation when you are logged in and online, deselect this option to go offline. 
    • Chat Sounds; deselect this option, will disable all chat sounds. To turn chat sounds back on, just return to the gear menu and select Chat Sounds again.
    • Open a connection list: your connections are made visible to start a chat conversation, by deselecting this option the connection list will become invisible.
    • Show only names; your connections are visible with their name, by deselecting this option the name and profile photo will be visible in the chat list. 
    • Manage blocked users; manage your blocked connections, select a connection to unblock them. You can block a connection in the chat conversation at the gear menu.




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