• Connection Request

    Connection Request

    You can send a connection requests to Members you want to connect with, like Quality Members, star restaurants and companies. 


    What is a Connection Request​
    On Primedinners, you can connect with Members you know and who you trust on a personal and on a professional level. Once you have connected with them on Primedinners you are able to see "Prime Moment" updates on your personal Primetime timeline, follow them, see all photos and chat. The photo folder "Private" on an account is also visible for connections.  

    Send a Connection Request​
    All Members can send a connection request to other Members. 

    • Enter the connection name in the Quality search bar at the top of your page and select the member icon. 
    • Select their name to go to their profile. 
    • Click the "Add Connection" button. 

    Once this Member accepts your connection request, they will show up on your Connections list (My profile-Connections).

    Note: If you have been (temporarily) blocked, you cannot send the Member a connection request. 

    Receive a Connection Request​
    All Members can receive connection requests from other Members. All Members have the right to determine who they want/do not want to connect with for whatever reason. Everyone has different criteria for who they want in their personal network. 
    When you accept or delete a request, the Member who sent it will get a notification when the request is accepted or denied.

    When you deny a request, you can send a private message to the person either to explain why you are not accepting the request or to ask a question (depending on their privacy settings). To send a message see FAQ section Private Message. 

    Pending Connection Request​
    You can find and manage the pending requests you have received or the requests you have sent on your personal profile. (My profile - Manage profile - Connections). 

    Handle my Connection Request​
    Accept or deny the request on the Member’s profile (Handle Connection Request - click “Yes please” or “No thank you” or view the request at a later time via your own profile. (My profile - Manage profile- Connections - Accept or Delete request)
    Everyone has different criteria for who they want in their personal network. 
    When you accept or delete a request, the Member who sent it will get a notification when the request is accepted or denied.

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