• Manage Gastronomy Menus

    Manage Gastronomy Menus

    Gastronomy can add their menus, a la carte and signature dishes to their Gastronomy profile. Additionally, the Gastronomy owner can upload videos or photos showcasing the menu item.


    Manage my Menus

    1. Gastronomy access the menu management page through the drop-down menu at the top of the page. From this page, restaurant owners have an overview of their menus by selecting the first tab, or an overview of their menu items by selecting the second tab.
    2. Clicking on a menu item from the list, or on the 'new item' button allows the Gastronomy owner to create or edit their menu items on the menu item create/edit page. Here the restaurant owner can configure such characteristics as name, description, price and recommended wine for each item. Additionally, the user can upload videos or photos showcasing the menu item.
    3. On the menu create/edit page, the Gastronomy owner can add, remove, and arrange individual items for each menu using drag-and-drop functionality. A price and description can also be set for each menu. They can be selected for showing on the general, a la carte, or signature dish section on the restaurant's profile page (on the menus tab).
    4. Alternatively, the Gastronomy owner can choose to upload their own menu in PDF format.
    5. To view the formatting you need to click on "My Profile" at the menu at the top of the page.


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