• My Primeline

    My Primeline

    My Primetime is your personal timeline on your own personal profile page (My Profile). Here you can see your own posts "Prime moments", moments you have shared from connections and moments you are tagged in organized by the date they were posted. You can delete or edit "Prime moments" updates on your Primeline, New updates can be post from your Primtime page (Home). 

    At Primtime page (Home) you can add a positive Prime moment update. Prime moments are positive updates about your quality experiences which you want to share within the Primedinners network. Updates are always visible to other Quality Members.

    Primetime updates consists of Photo(s) and/or Video, What, Where, With whom and Location. Under "What" you can add a short title, under "Where" you can tag Gastronomy, under "With whom" you can tag connection(s) and at Location you can add an adress to the map. Members can Like and/or Share the update. 


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