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    Primedinners Plugin Badge

    Primedinners.com is the newest social media to do quality business, share your quality moments in life and find top gastronomy worldwide in just a second!

    Create new business, show, see, buy and create quality with all the quality lovers worldwide and find top gastronomy.

    One great way to promote your Quality profile is by adding a Primedinners badge to your website! This allows your website visitors to easily access your Primedinners profile to verify your quality status and connect to you.

    Follow these easy steps to add your Primedinners profile badge to your website:

    1.  Log in to your Primedinners profile: 
      Go to www.primedinners.com and login.
    2. Select Badge: 
      Go to My profile-Manage profile , then clicking on "Social Links".
    3. Copy the Code:  
      Copy the custom HTML code in the text field.
    4. Add it to Your Website:
      Add a HTML element to your website, wherever you would like the Profile plugin badge to show up.
      Next, paste the custom HTML code that you just copied into the empty element field and save.

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