• 24 Michelin Starred Chefs cook for dance4life 6 maart 2016

    24 Michelin Starred Chefs cook for dance4life

    Primedinners offers a special connections all-in price!

    EVENT : 24 Michelin Starred Chefs cook for dance4life

    24 Michelin starred Chefs will cook for 24 Hours, starting the 13th of March at
    INK Hotel, PRESSROOM Amsterdam. With their effort they will raise money for dance4life. There are eight sessions of three hours with a surprising lineup schedule.

    Primedinners special offer 199,- EU p.p. (instead of 250 EU p.p.) including;

    • 9 course menu of 3 different Michelin starred chefs 
    • wine & water
    • coffee & tea
    • special event magazine

    Or book Chefs Table 375 EU p.p. (table for 8 persons).

    Be there, Book your table now: Contact Us

    Entertainment & Hosts: 
    Manuel Broekman & Geza Weisz, Dennis van der Geest, The Partysquad, Barry Paf, Gerson Main, Constantijn, Team TNT, Jared Grant, Thom Bold, Anouk Maas, Danny Jansen

    Experience of a lifetime and support dance4life! 

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