• New Look Restaurant De Nederlanden 8 februari 2016

    New Look Restaurant De Nederlanden

    Restaurant De Nederlanden Reveals its New Look

    The young, enthusiastic kitchen team is led by patron cuisinier Wilco Berends.

    In 2006 he started at De Nederlanden. First in employment, then as joint proprietor and finally, since 2012 together with his wife Caroline, as owner of De Nederlanden. After restyling the Lounge, now the restaurant receives a fresh, vibrant new look.

    The restaurant has been restyled by Jeroen Smeele of Smeele Projecten;

    “The dining room of De Nederlanden (formerly the carriage house of the building) consists of three smaller rooms: a central area (the actual carriage house) where the entrance to the kitchen is located, an alcove (the gates for the carriages used to be here) and a winter garden (which was added at a later time).

    The first time I saw the restaurant, it had a flat, unimaginative interior. The three rooms all had the same furnishing: skirted tables, heavy chairs covered with flannel and bad artificial light.
    I designed all three rooms separately. I've given the alcove a black ceiling and a black floor, while the walls, chairs and curtains have been done in brass. This gives the guest in the room an exclusive and comfortable feeling. It even feels a bit like a fairy-tale.
    The winter garden is the lightest room with windows all around and a large skylight. I have saved the tiled floor. I have painted most of this room black. With black leather blinds in front of the windows, black covering on the fixed couches and the chairs and dark radiator covers (perhaps not noteworthy). The alcove gives the restaurant a hip feel on that spot. The contact with the passer-by is most intense there, so I felt it was important for the alcove to look inviting.

    The restaurant (central area) is the largest area. I've chosen to do the walls and the ceiling of this area in blue, as well as the coverings and the chairs. The wall lighting is done in brass, as well as the wine cabinets.
    I feel that the three rooms are more exciting this way. The guest can now decide in what kind of atmosphere he or she would like to dine.
    The remaining recurring shapes are the honeycomb pattern that is seen in the seats' covering, the shape of the wall lights, the decorative mirror in the alcove and the doors of the wine cabinets. Brass as a working material is also a connecting factor in the three rooms.
    The custom-designed movable (cheese) columns (with as a detail brass lions on the front sides) are noteworthy”.

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