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    Gastronomy Reservation

    On Primedinners.com, you can find all the Quality Gastronomy worldwide! 
    In addition to the very unique search engine, Primedinners makes it possible to directly make a reservation at the Gastronomy of your choice.

    In order to make an online reservation at Primedinners.com, you have to Log In or Register. When your register, we require certain information. For more info see FAQ sections Members and Register.
    After verification, you can manage and complete your profile account. This profile contains the information that you have filled in during the registration, this data will also be used to make a reservation.

    At the Gastronomy account page you are able to make a free online booking. When you make a booking, you will agree to the terms and conditions laid down by the Gastronomy place. We directly process your booking into the digital online Reservation system. After completing your online reservation we will send you an instant confirmation email with all the booking details. 

    We also offer Gastronomy the option to add the Primedinners online Reservation system to their own website. So guests are able to make online reservations directly from the Gastronomy homepage. 

    You can be rest assured that your booking is processed properly by Primedinners.

    Reservation Member details
    Primedinners stores the Member’s data in the database. Primedinners is just an intermediary and stores the data on behalf of the Gastronomy. Primedinners is not responsible for the use of this reservation details.

    After confirming your booking, we directly process your booking into the digital Reservation system and we will send you an instant confirmation email with the booking details. After this confirmation your reservation is final. Unless you have filled in an additional request, the Gastronomy will not contact you about the reservation. Primedinners will automatically send a reminder by email.

    Conditions (warranty, deposit, cancellation fees)
    The Gastronomy can set conditions for a reservation request (either a warranty, deposit or any cancellation fees) and they will require your valid credit card details. In such cases, you will provide the credit card details to Primedinners. This information is secured and encrypted when forwarded to the appropriate Gastronomy. Primedinners does not store the data nor does it reMember the credit card data, furthermore Primedinners do not charge anything off the credit card. The Restaurant itself will directly collect the costs.

    Cancel reservation
    You can always cancel the reservation. Cancel the reservation is possible through a link in the confirmation email you have received. The booking terms and conditions for cancelling or no-show bookings are different per Gastronomy place.

    Change reservation
    You can always change the reservation. Changing the reservation is only possible by contacting the Gastronomy place personally. The booking terms and conditions for changing bookings are different per Gastronomy place.

    Group reservation
    The allowed group size for an online reservation differs per Gastronomy. The Gastronomy, which have activated our on-line booking system, have determined their own reservation terms and conditions. Most Gastronomy places require personal contact for group reservations above 6-9 people. When it is not possible to make an online reservation for the desired group size, you can personally contact the Gastronomy place by email or by phone.

    *When a Gastronomy place has not (yet) activated our online Reservation system, we will give our Members alternative options to make a reservation by e-mail or by telephone. 

    **Quality Gastronomy owner can manage their own reservations, for details see FAQ Manage Reservations

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