• Visited Gastronomy

    Visited Gastronomy

    Show other Members where, which and how many Gastronomy places you have visited around the world! 

    On your personal profile you have a tab photo folder called "Visited Gastronomy". Per photo that is uploaded to this folder, you can search and add a location. (My profile - manage profile- photo-visited gastronomy) 

    In the large golden star (at your profile photo) the number of the gastronomy places you have visited will be shown. Multiple visits to the same gastronomy are not counted.

    When you click on this large golden star, the photo folder Visited Gastronomy will open inclusive a world map. The location of the gastronomy places you have visit will be shown on the world map. 

    The name of the gastronomy place is visible for each photo and you are able to click on it. When you click on the gastronomy name you will be redirected to the gastronomy profile. 

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