• Favorites


    Your favorites are Member profiles and webshop products that you want to keep track of by adding them to your favorite list. This way you can easily save them for future reference.


    What is a Favorite
    Your favorites are Member profile accounts; Quality Members, Gastronomy and Companies. You can also add webshop products and/or services to your favorite list. You can keep track of your favorites. 

    Who can add Favorites
    All Primedinners Members are able to add favorites.

    Where can I find my Favorites
    The favorites will be stored in your personal favorite list. You can find your favorites in the top main menu (My profile - My favorites)

    Delete a Favorite
    You can delete your favorites directly at the Members profile or product. Or delete favorites in your personal favorite list by selecting the favorite (My profile - My favorites - delete Favorite)

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