• Gastronomy Profile-Roadmap 10 april 2017

    Gastronomy Profile-Roadmap

    Quick Start Guide (ENG)

    Getting started with your Gastronomy profile


    1. With a Primedinners quality mark you can login by: 'claiming' your profile or by requesting your login details. Your request will be processed by Primedinners Team. When your application is approved you will be automatically informed.
    2. Fill out your profile as completely as possible through: photos, videos, news articles, events, web shop items.
    3. The reservation system Seats United - powered by Primedinners will be relaunched Fall 2017 and can be used free of any charge. Or send us the API access key from your current reservation system partner. 
    4. Link your social channels to your Primedinners account. This allows you to instantly share your timeline updates and news items on Facebook and Twitter.
    5. Add your PD profile badge  on your own website. Profile badge serves as your quality profile. One great way to promote your profile is by adding a profile badge to your website. This allows your website visitors to easily access your profile to verify your status.
    6. Send other members a connection request. You can search members by name in the 'quality search bar' at the top of your screen. If you found a member you want to connect, click the 'add connection' icon.
    7. Send invitations to your own network, to connect with you on Primedinners.Your network on Primedinners will grow even faster with your current network. Import your contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook account. Type a personal note for your contacts. This can be 1 general message or a personal note.
      *All of your important data is kept safe and secure in your personal profile. Primedinners/third parties are not able to see and/or use your data.
    8. Post a timeline update on your own Primetime timeline (Home page). "Prime Moments" are your timeline updates about your quality moments which you want to share within the worldwide Primedinners platform for Quality. Updates are always visible to your connections and other members. 
      The update consists of Photo(s) and/or Video, What, Where, With whom and Location. Under "What" you can add a short title, under "Where" you can tag Gastronomy location, under "With whom" you can tag connection(s) and at Location you can add an adress to the map. Members can Like and/or Share the update. For every 'Like' you will receive a promotion credit. With these credits you can advertise withinPrimedinners network.
    9. Create with your earned (and/or purchased) credits an ad banner
    10. Be active within the platform by regularly updating your profile, invite contacts, share updates, like/share other timeline updates etc.
      Also create Blogs (General Blog, Concierge service Blog, Event service Blog).
      General Blogs are public at all times. Concierge - and Event Blogs have an additional unique value. For example; if you share the hyperlink of a Concierge/Event Blog and someone wants to read this blog, then the person will be connected to your profile. This allows you to build a network in a unique way with sincerely interested persons.

      Publishing news articles, events and blogs will automatically improve your Google search engine rankings. All articles also will be visible on our home page. By being active on Primedinners.com will increase your online visibility. The more online visibility your restaurant has, the more likely people will notice your services. 




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