• The Franklin Hotel reopens with Michelin-star chef Alfredo Russo 10 augustus 2016

    The Franklin Hotel reopens with Michelin-star chef Alfredo Russo

    Over in Knightsbridge London the renovation of The Franklin Hotel (Starhotels) has come to an end with the hotel reopening.

    The property was closed for a year while it was done up by new owners the Italian group Starhotels, who brought in Anouska Hempel to oversee the new-look.

    Charmingly tucked away in a stunning row of Victorian Townhouses with striking views over Egerton Gardens, The Franklin combines the warmth of a private home, the impeccable service of a Grand Hotel and Anouska Hempel’s timeless, Italian-influenced design.
    Its secluded English gardens are the perfect counterpoint to bustling Knightsbridge.

    The 35 room hotel now has a restaurant with a well known Italian chef in charge. Alfredo Russo is best known for his Turin restaurant Dolce Stil Novo - he also runs a restaurant in Dubai, Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo. Chef Russo will be taking classic dishes from Italy and giving them his own unique take. 

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