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    Member of Quality

    As a lover of quality and luxury in combination with your favorite Quality Gastronomy, Primedinners is the platform for fulfilling your wishes, both in business and private.

    Companies and Gastronomy will be visible worldwide, so you are never on your own. For all lovers of quality it is now possible to show your pride to the worldwide Primedinners platform. With your own personal account it is possible to:


    • Member account: the profile can be set up according to your wishes – show the Companies and brands you represent, the gastronomy you visit, come directly into contact with your favorite chef and much more. Create your own Primetime timeline and photo collage!
    • Search engine: find all Top Gastronomy, Companies, products and services of the Primedinners platform easily and quickly
    • Reservations: check availability, opening hours and reserve directly at the gastronomy of your choice
    • Videos: upload, watch, share and like the videos of fellow enthusiasts, Companies and Gastronomy
    • Photos: upload, watch, share and like the photos of fellow enthusiasts, Companies and astronomy
    • Events: find out which events take place worldwide, register and see which other enthusiasts take part
    • Web shop: unlimited purchase of products and services from Companies and Gastronomy in the Primedinners platform. As an enthusiast you need no longer wait, all quality products worldwide are within easy reach
    • Blog/Vlog: blog about quality moments in the categories; company, gastronomy, product, event, lifestyle, travel (no public reviews)
    • Business Profile: show other members your ambitions, experiences, interests and needs
    • Travel Profile: show other members your ambitions, experiences, interests and needs
    • Social media: manage and share all nice photos and videos of your favorite gastronomy, company or brand on your own timeline. Like the photos and videos of your fellow enthusiasts
    • News: keep up to date with the latest news
    • Private messages and chat function: communicate with all fellow enthusiasts, Companies and chefs and respond to all photos and videos 

    Create your own personal account now! Members of Quality accounts are Free of charge. See Register/Sign Up for more information. 

    For all questions about Privacy, please visit our Policy for use of Information & Privacy  

    Manage My Profile
    In order to manage and update your profile, go to you top menu (My profile-Manage Profile)
    Here you are able to manage Photos, Videos, Blogs, Business profile, Travel profile, Moodboard, Connections, Favorites, Profile Views, your Event overview. You also are able to manage your personal account settings and privacy settings. To see your changes click "View my profile". 

    My Profile
    In order to see your overview Profile page, go to top menu "My Profile".
    On your own Profile you can find: Your contact details, Quote, Profile photo, My Primeline, Moodboard, Business profile, Travel profile, Connections, Visited Gastronomy, Photos, Videos, Blog, Events, Chat, Private Messages. (The profile features are visible only when activated at Manage My Profile)

    Primetime page (Home button in your top menu) is your own personal Home Page. All Members have their own Primetime page.
    On your Primetime page you can share your quality prime moments in life, you can see all the latest update of your connections and updates specially selected for you; Primetime Timeline, Prime moment updates, Private messages, Popular products, EventsNews, Chat.

    You can change your personal settings at "Manage Profile" (top menu My profile-Manage Profile-Settings). You can change your Log In settings or delete your account at at "Manage Profile" (top menu My profile-Manage Profile-Account). 

    Need more help? Check the Quick Guide here


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