• Asia's 50 best restaurants announced 27 maart 2018

    Asia's 50 best restaurants announced

    Today, the restaurant-ranking World’s 50 Best organization announced its list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

    For the fourth year in a row, Gaggan Anand’s eponymous Bangkok restaurant takes the no. 1 spot. The winning streak won’t last forever: Anand plans to close in 2020 to focus on some new projects.

    The list comes from the same organization responsible for the annual World’s 50 Best restaurants list. But, that ranking tends to favor European restaurants, and the organization highlights establishments that are often overlooked with its region-specific lists for both Asia and Latin America.

    In this year’s Asia 50 Best list, Den in Tokyo moved up from no. 11 into the second place position, replacing Singapore’s Restaurant André, which closed in February. Florilège, a French tasting menu restaurant in Tokyo; Sühring, a German restaurant in Bangkok; and Singapore restaurant Odette, which won the “Highest New Entry Award” last year, round out the top five.

    This year, Osaka restaurant La Cime, which serves French cuisine prepared with Japanese ingredients, won that “Highest New Entry” designation, making its first appearance on the list at no. 17. Elsewhere, there was a fair amount of movement. Hong Kong’s 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana dropped to no. 13 from no. 4, and Nahm, which once held the top spot, fell to no. 10 from no. 5 last year.

    The World’s 50 Best organization is consistently criticized for failing to include women in its fine-dining rankings and for creating a separate award for “best female chef.” In 2018, Asia’s Best Female Chef, Bee Satongun, is one of just two women to be included on the list at all. Her Bangkok restaurant Paste debuted on at no. 31 this year. Duangporn “Bo” Songvisava shares the award for Bo.Lan, at no. 37, with her husband Dylan “Lan” Jones. The striking gender ratio is exactly the same as last year when Bo.Lan appeared at no. 19 and Taiwan restaurant Le Mout, led by chef Lanshu Chen, was at no. 28.

    Here, now, the full list:

    No. 1 GAGGAN, Bangkok, Thailand 
    No. 2. DEN, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 3 FLORILEGE, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 4 SUHRING, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 5 ODETTE, Singapore 
    No. 6 NARISAWA, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 7 AMBER, Hong Kong, China 
    No. 8 ULTRAVIOLET BY PAUL PAIRET, Shanghai, China
    No. 9 NIHONRYORI RYUGIN, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 10 NAHM, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 11 MINGLES, Seoul, Korea 
    No. 12 BURNT ENDS, Singapore
    No. 13 8 1/2 OTTO E MEZZO BOMBANA, Hong Kong, China 
    No. 14 LE DU, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 15 RAW, Taipei, Taiwan | Best Restaurant in Taiwan
    No. 16 TA VIE, Hong Kong, China
    No. 17 LA CIME, Osaka, Japan
    No. 18 MUME, Taipei, Taiwan
    No. 19 INDIAN ACCENT, New Delhi, India
    No. 20 L’EFFERVESCENCE, Tokyo, Japan 
    No. 21 LOCAVORE, Bali, Indonesia 
    No. 22 THE CHAIRMAN, Hong Kong, China 
    No. 23 WAKU GHIN, Singapore
    No. 24 LUNG KING HEEN, Hong Kong, China
    No. 25 MINISTRY OF CRAB, Colombo, Sri Lanka 
    No. 26 JUNGSIK, Seoul, Korea
    No. 27 SUSHI SAITO, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 28 IL RISTORANTE LUCA FANTIN, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 29 LES AMIS, Singapore
    No. 30 FU HE HUI, Shanghai, China
    No. 31 PASTE, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 32 NEIGHBORHOOD, Hong Kong, China
    No. 33 EAT ME,Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 34 HAJIME, Osaka, Japan
    No. 35 JADE DRAGON, Macau, China
    No. 36 CORNER HOUSE, Singapore
    No. 37 BO.LAN, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 38 QUINTESSENCE, Tokyo, Japan
    No. 39 ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB, Bangkok, Thailand
    No. 40 Belon, Hong Kong
    No. 41 RONIN, Hong Kong, China
    No. 42 TOC TOC, Seoul, Korea
    No. 44 JAAN, Singapore 
    No. 45 NIHONBASHI, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    No. 46 CAPRICE, Hong Kong, China
    No. 47 SHOUN RYUGIN, Taipei, Taiwan
    No. 48 LA MAISON DE LA NATURE GOH, Fukuoka, Japan
    No. 49 WASABI BY MORIMOTO, Mumbai, India
    No. 50 WHITEGRASS, Singapore



    source: eater.com

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