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    Web shop

    Unique international Web Shop.
    In the Web shop Members can make unlimited purchases of quality products from Companies and Gastronomy in the Primedinners platform. As an enthusiast you no longer need to wait, all quality products worldwide are within easy reach!


    What is a Web shop
    In the online shop Members can make unlimited purchases of quality products from Companies and Gastronomy within the Primedinners platform. 
    All Members can Search and purchase a quality product. The products available must be of high quality and comply with the Web shop Terms and Conditions. 

    Who can add products
    Gastronomy and Companies with Basic Plus,Premium-Label and Custom profiles are able to add and manage products on Primedinners. (My Profile -Web shop products). 

    Manage my products
    Gastronomy and Companies with Basic Plus,Premium-Label and Custom profiles are able to manage their products. You can add new products, edit products or delete products. (My Profile - Web shop products). 

    To successfully add a product 

    • Products need to be relevant: they must benefit Members directly. A product needs to be relevant to the Primedinners audience, able to do what it is supposed to, and do it with good quality.
    • Products need to be correctly communicated: Members must know why they need to purchase
    • Products need a Title: a name that people reMember and relate to in order to stand out from the clutter of products and names.
    • Products need Delivery information: inform the customer about the correct delivery information and the terms and conditions.
    • Products need a Category; select the appropriate categories per product, this will help the customer to find the product.
    • Products need a Price: fill in the appropriate price. The currency is always in Euros. You can specify a special action price for Members.
    • Products need a Description: the product description tells more about the product, its benefits and terms.
    • Products need an Impression; add several images of the product and give Members a good impression of your quality product. 

    *When a Product does not meet the Terms & Conditions, Primedinners is authorized to remove the Product. In case of extreme or repeated offenses, the profile account is permanently banned from Primedinners. 

    Order a product
    Search and easily order quality products in the web shop. Only Primedinners Members can order products. When you click on the "Click and Order" button, the needed Member data will be filled in automatically if you order a product, we will send the Member data related to the order to the supplier. (For more info about privacy, please see our Policy on Data Use & Privacy) 
    The supplier and customer will receive an order confirmation by email. The handling and delivery of the order is further carried out by the supplier.

    *You should be aware that by using the web shop, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. The contract for the product you offer or purchase is between the customer and the supplier. Each supplier will have its own terms and conditions which govern its products. 

    Delivery and payment of the product
    Payments of webshop products are made directly between the consumer and the supplier. Primedinners is not a party in the sale.
    If there is a dispute over a payment or delivery, you can complain to Primedinners. Primedinners will mediate. 

    Complaints and Liability
    Despite Primedinners only acting as an intermediary between consumer and supplier and not being responsible for the implementation of the agreement between these parties, Primedinners is interested in your experiences. Primedinners is committed to quality. If you have complaints about the mediation, members or suppliers, please contact us.