• Las Vegas is about to get a Robot Bar 26 juni 2017

    Las Vegas is about to get a Robot Bar

    Tipsy Robot: allows you to order drinks via iPad, and then have them mixed by one of two smart robots behind the bar.

    The Tipsy Robot is mixing drinks by smart robots whose arm motions mimic those of a human bartender. That means stirring, shaking, mixing and garnish-adding moves.

    Once you have your drink in hand, customers will be encouraged to share the moment on social media via a ”state-of-the-art instagram photo booth with incredible backgrounds.

    The robots -- or Galactic Ambassadors as theyre known -- have previously been used to whip up custom cocktails on the Royal Caribbeans Harmony of the Seas cruise liner. Their new job on the Las Vegas strip represents their first outing on dry land.

    As with many uses of automation, one of their big advantages is the continued speed that theyre able to operate at. Throughout their shift, the robots can each pour 120 per hour without taking a break. Customers get to order whichever beverage they want from the expertly-crafted cocktail menu, and even receive an accurate arrival time prediction the moment they place their request.


    Check out the video:

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